Humanizing Financial Services

Super platform of Financial Services banishing disparity


We believe in the power of an ecosystem-based on heterogeneous platforms allowing Fintechs to build revenue growth by leveraging profitability data by product/customer.

Cacao Holding has well-crafted a competitive advantage by leveraging competitor's margin as an opportunity to provide sustainable financial services

Our investments align with our vision to banish disparity in financial services.

− Banco Hispano, empowering financially the Hispanic Community in US.

− Bancacao, closing the gap with a challenger bank in Mexico.

− Fin4Ward, nurturing Fintechs start-ups into sustainable growth.

Cacao Holding is a collaborative network committed to be a leading global super platform of financial services. We are leveraging our cutting-edge technology to create a new landscape of financial strength for all.

Our investment decisions are informed by our powerful global market intelligence, local environments, and a unique ability to extract performance insights across diverse Fintechs.

Our team of experts excel at designing disruptive solutions that keep us ahead in the fast-paced financial market evolution.

We invest in Fintechs tackling big opportunities, showing momentum and sharing our drive to solve banking gaps across underserved communities.

Our technology investments are diversified across Fintechs winning in sectors of exponential growth with unique solutions to take the informal economy online.

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