Cacao Holding

Latin-Hispanics, 700M, represent a massive growth opportunity for Fintech that can leverage innovation to lower costs and close the banking gap in a region notorious for usage of cash. We are accelerating the Cacao Holding portfolio strategy and gaining momentum in our ambition to deliver strong growth by expanding the banking market across the Latin Hispanic community. Our most important asset, our Human API is working intensely to bring to life the innovation solutions needed to close the wealth gaps faster, humanly and profitably.

Banco Hispano

Hispanic Americans are no longer a niche market. Now representing one in five U.S. consumers, this 60M community is a predominantly young, entrepreneurially spirited population in powerful growth mode. And despite their struggles with Financial Institutions, 'If the Latino GDP were a country, it would be the eight largest in the world, and of the top ten economies, it would be the third fastest growing.' (US Latino GDP Report)

Fully banking the Hispanic Community represents a massive untapped market opportunity not reached by the highly homogenized, traditional banking industry. Banco Hispano will deliver the products and services that meet their need for affordable, reliable, easy-to-use financial tools that will help them reach their goals faster.


Mexicans are the third highest population in the Americas, yet only 37% have bank accounts while most of the population, 63%, rely on cash to get by. Amid today’s humanitarian crisis, we fast-tracked our plans to deliver tremendous good to the Mexican community by providing access to safe and convenient digital banking services that allow cashless, online purchases during a time when e-commerce has become a health preserving necessity.

Our digital banking solutions gives low income users the flexibility to manage needs safely, the possibility to stretch their money in a time of struggle, and leaves them equipped with basic, mainstream banking tools that will help them attain financial stability.